The Willow


What's included?

Our mid-size cheese cake, The Willow boasts an incredible arrangement of artisan cheeses. Serving 10-15 people, it includes:

  • Langres: a French cow’s milk cheese with a soft and crumbly centre, slightly salty with a strong smell.
  • Mothais Sur-Feuille: an exquisite goat’s cheese with a delicate wrinkled rind and creamy texture, wrapped in a dried chestnut leaf.
  • Fourme d’Ambert: a popular French blue cheese with a creamy texture and a refined balance of blue flavours.
  • Cornish Yarg: a tangy and crumbly semi hard cheese made from grass rich Cornish milk, wrapped in edible nettles.
Please note that the items listed are subject to availability and substitutions may be made where necessary. You will be able to collect your order after 12pm.
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