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The very first Redecker brush was made in 1935 by a member of the Redecker family, it wasn’t until the late 1980’s that the Redecker family realised their brushes and brooms were a niche in the market. Redecker strive to make practical and beautiful products that are made from natural and renewable resources. From intricately made brooms to fine feather dusters, Redecker are always trying to develop new ideas and concepts to bring quality and practical products to the home.

Why we love Redecker!

We love the intricate and detailed design that Redecker gives to all of its products. We especially love their philosophy on maintaining that all of its wares are created from materials that are environmentally friendly sourced. One of our top sellers and personal favourites from Redecker is the Ostrich Feather Dusters, they look fantastic with their beautiful plumes and they’re very practical. We regularly use Redecker products at Coppice to keep our shop tidy.


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