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Packington Free Range

Robert and Alec Mercer are fourth generation farmers. Their family have farmed in the heart of rural Staffordshire since 1930. They both have a lifetime of knowledge passed down from their father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Their Free-Range pigs are outdoor reared and are RSPCA Freedom Food Accredited. To make sure they produce the best meat possible, their pigs and chickens are given large green and luxurious grasslands to roam and have time to mature. They are committed to making sure their animals are living the best lives, with lots of space, food and water.

Not only do Packington care about their animals, they also make sure they are helping nature and the wildlife. The fields have grass margins around them, which are protecting the hedgerows and they have planted wild bird seed mixes in their fields to provide insects and birds with sources of food.


What we love about Packington Free Range!

We love Packington Free Range because they take excellent care of their animals

and adhere to environmental farming practices. We also love that they are very local to us and that

they produce the finest quality meats.


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