Floral Focus

Rhodanthemeum ‘Casablanca’

Our Rhodanthemeum ‘Casablanca’ more commonly known as the Moroccan Daisy, is a brilliant white flowers that’s said to imitate the white painted buildings that reflect the sun down onto the streets of Morocco.


Native to Morocco, Algeria and other parts of Northern Africa, we suggest growing it in a sunny rock garden, a raised bed or at the base of a warm, sunny wall. It is drought tolerant too, making it ideal for summer borders and containers. Over time, it will mound up and form a good ground cover, keeping the weeds in check! As a hardy perennial, this Rhodanthemeum performs best in a free-draining soil with a lot of sun and a sheltered aspect.


Head to us here at Coppice Garden Centre where you can find our Rhodanthemeum “Casablanca” alongside a range of lovely summer specimens loaded with bright buds and flowers.

Lupinus “Gallery Pink”

‘Gallery Pink’ is a beautiful eye-catching variety of Lupin that produces beautiful tall spired pink flowers that reach a mature height of 50cm. These vibrant flowers that are native to North America, are the perfect addition your summer garden.


Flowering from June to July, these gorgeous flowers make excellent cut-flowers bringing highlights of the garden into the home. We recommend planting in direct sun in well-drained, fertile soil where they will thrive, but they will also tolerate partial shade.


If you want to find out about our rare Lupine, come and ask us, we’re always happy to share our knowledge.